2016-17 Global Migration


From the Beginning 30×48″ o/c  SOLD



Long Way Home 30×30″ o/c.  SOLD



Journey’s End 72×60″ o/c.  SOLD



Narrow Escape 42×42″ o/c  SOLD



Sanctuary 28×24″ o/c   SOLD



Point of Departure 48×48″ o/c.   SOLD



Moment of Candor  36×54″ o/c



Turning point 24x48 o/c

Turning Point 24×48″ o/c.   SOLD



Strategic Position 40×30″ o/c.  SOLD



Exodus 30×48″ o/c.   SOLD



Safe Passage 40×30″ o/c.   SOLD



Time Out 42×38″ o/c



Midnight Rider 40×30″ o/c.  SOLD



Exit Plan   42×38″  o/c



Winter Walk 28×40″ o/c.



If and When  30×30″ o/c



Better Plan 40×24″ o/c



Lend Me Your Ears 48×60″ o/c.  SOLD