2018-19 Cloud Control

Staycation 42×42″ o/c

Skyway SOLD

Gangster of Love 20×20″ o/c

Now You See It, Now You Don’t 24×28″ o/c

Technical Ecstasy SOLD

Breaking News 40×60 o/c  SOLD

Digital Drama 48×36″ o/c

Music in the Air SOLD

Brief Reply 38×38″ o/c

Early Arrival 32×48″ o/c

Finish Line 45×36″ o/c

Pearls of Truth SOLD

Popular Indicator 48×48″ o/c

Exodus SOLD

Connect the Dots 20×30″ o/c

Sweet Words 38×38″ o/c

Quick Reply SOLD

Above the Clouds SOLD